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Reusable Technologies

About us

Behind Reusable Technologies™ lies an interesting story. Tomaž lost his job in January 2021 due to the current COVID-19 situation and decided to become involved in a charity Duh Časa, which was providing poor children with refurbished PCs. At some time, he had a lot of PC monitors in his garage on a shelf. Due to the high weight of monitors, the shelf suddenly collapsed and the monitors broke on the floor. He did not know what to do with all this “e-waste” and came up with the idea to revive monitors back to some useful product and made the first LED light using those broken monitors.

After digging more, he got to know that the problem of e-waste is very wide and a global problem. He signed up in a local accelerator program in Development Center Novo mesto, where he was developing his idea of LED light for some months. In the summer of 2021, he, by coincidence, joined some entrepreneurial weekend, which was hosted by Marko in Vinica (Slovenia). Tomaž explained the idea of recycling e-waste in a ‘’new way’’ and Marko was totally inspired and fascinated so he joined Tomaž immediately. Matevž joined in a similar way- he was having some pitch in Development Center in Novo mesto with his own idea of e-waste recycling but since Tomaž and Marko were quite a few steps ahead, he decided to contact Tomaž right after the end of the pitch and they agreed to meet and see whether they could cooperate. In just three months- from September to December, the progress of teamwork was enormous. We developed the ideas into products which were then followed by first sales but more importantly, many business connections were made, we also appeared on national TV and participated in two EU projects.

So who we really are?

Tomaž Kren, the godfather of Reusable Technologies™ has an electronics and IT background. He finished two high schools in electrical engineering, logistics transport and then got several experiences in different IT companies. He is a master of electronics, IT and also knows how to sell – he was a very successful salesman. Tomaž likes to think globally on a big scale. He doesn’t like boring everyday schedules but is more into something flexible. His philosophy is that if you don’t risk and try, you might lose the most. You never know what comes tomorrow, right? Tomaž also has two children and a wife, ex 6 times world champion in martial arts.

Marko Vrdoljak finished economics high school and right after he finished, he already became a father. Due to the fact he needed money, he established a car selling company with his cousin. That was only the start of his entrepreneurial career because he was then involved in many projects since he co-founded the non-profit organization of Ustvarjalnik (Creator in English), which helps secondary school students develop their ideas into reality and get experiences from entrepreneurship. He also co-founded two successful companies for blockchain coins. Most importantly, his skills include learning every day and approaching things in a different way. Every project he starts, he does it in detail. During
his life journey, he has created an enormous number of connections. His philosophy is being a free spirit and helping others to achieve their goals.

Matevž Cimermančič is a master’s degree student of Energy Engineering since he graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana. He used to professionally train long-distance running and was also a member of the Slovenian national Youth Olympic team. In high school, he was a member of the national student parliament, his experiences also include student work in different energy power plants. Right before joining Reusable Technologies™, he set up a local business in 3D printing and modeling services. Just like Tomaž and Marko, he lives an active and healthy lifestyle and is prepared to be committed to teamwork.